General information about kayak trips


We organise our trips in open groups that are limited to a minimum of 6 clients (8 in the low season) and a maximum of 12. This limitation regarding the number of participants is due to the reduced space in some caves and for safety reasons.

During the entire tour the canoe group is aided by two qualified guide-instructors and a safety boat that monitors the group.

The kayaks used are individual and expedition models. Kayaks for two canoeists are available, however they require greater experience and coordination between both users, while, due to their size they are inappropriate for manoeuvring between rocks and narrow sea passages, we therefore recommend using individual kayaks for our guided tours.

Previous experience is not required; paddling movements are simple and logical, however, before the outing an explanation of basic technique is given so that all participants can complete their route without problems. We take a 30 minute break during our activities so that everyone can rest.


  • Know how to swim.
  • Minimum recommended age: from 13 years old and 145 cm.
  • Weight below 120 kg; height lower than 2m.
  • Inform the centre if you suffer from any form of disability or illness.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Advance booking essential.
  • The customer is responsible travel to the place of departure of the activity.

It is recommended not to bring valuables to the tours (guided tours, rentals). Kayaking Costa Brava will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal material.


Rates are per person and include VAT. This price also includes technical and safety equipment (kayak, vest, paddle and helmet), two qualified guides and boat safety. 

  • If canceled or modified by client:
    • Ten days before being penalized with 25%.
    • Between 9-4 days before being penalized with 50%.
    • Three days before or less is punishable by 100%.
    • If adverse weather conditions we are forced to cancel the tour, Kayaking Costa Brava returns full payment, or if it is possible on both sides, we try to postpone the activity for another day.

All our services include liability insurance and accident insurance. The equipment rental service (without guide) does not include assistance insurance coverage. In the case of rental kayaks, the client must prove prior knowledge and sign a waiver of liability.

Equipment recommended for Tours

The Kayaking Costa Brava guided tour service includes all necessary equipment: kayak, paddle, lifejacket, helmet, support boat, wetsuit (only in autumn-winter), and a torch (only in trips to caves). We also recommend bringing the following personal items.

1 Day and ½ Day Trips


  • Swim suit
  • Sunscreen and cap
  • T-shirt
  • Sunglasses with a safety strap or similar
  • Footwear suitable for water sports (elastic, close-fitting footwear)
  • Drink to prevent dehydration
  • Light snack (optional)
  • Waterproof jacket and long-sleeved T-shirt in case of clouds or chilly weather
  • Food for 1-day trips


  • Swim suit and long-sleeved thermal T-shirt
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Towel and jersey for changing during the break (all tours include a break)
  • Sun protection, cap and sunglasses (we recommend wearing glasses with a safety strap or similar)
  • Drink and light snack
  • Footwear suitable for water sports (elastic, close-fitting footwear)
  • Change of clothing
  • Food, only on 1 day trips

Trips lasting several days

Taking the minimum amount of equipment is important on excursions lasting several days, this reduces weight and volume. We recommend the following:


  • Mat
  • Sleeping bag appropriate for the season
  • Change of clothing for after paddling
  • Sandals
  • Head lamp or torch
  • Warm clothing
  • Basic bathroom kit
  • Towel
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Plates, cutlery and glass
  • Rubbish bags (for use in the watertight kayak compartments to keep equipment dry)
  • Tent (for the Menorca crossing or expeditions of several days)


  • Swim suit
  • Wetsuit boots or footwear for use in water
  • Thermal long and short-sleeved T-shirts (depending on the weather)
  • Goretex type waterproof jacket or similar
  • Neoprene trousers or vest with trousers
  • Sunglasses with a safety strap or similar
  • Sunscreen and cap
  • Snorkelling equipment (optional)
  • Drink and light snack

Book a wetsuit or wetsuit boots beforehand if you need them.



You need to bring lunch and dinner for the first day. We make a group collection for the first day’s dinner and breakfast and for dinner on the second day.