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Educational programme


Find the programme that suits your needs best and we will all paddle, play, discover together… Enjoy a workshop at sea.

Technical sea kayaking


Kayaking Costa Brava offers educational programmes for groups of school children of different ages in order to combine the sports activity of sea kayaking and the discovery of our most immediate natural environment, namely the Sea.

Sports activity featuring individual touring kayaks with a view to learning the following contents:

  • The material required for the activity
  • Kayak control and manoeuvring techniques (basic level).
  • Safety and rescue techniques (basic level)
  • Put the knowledge into practice

The programme consists of two sessions:  the first session consists of a theoretical-practical session in a protected environment, and the second one consists of a guided excursion along the coast to put the learnings obtained in the first session into practice.
To facilitate learning of the technical aspects by the participants, we recommend that the groups have a maximum size of between 12 and 15.  Different turns or shifts can be arranged for larger groups.

Ficha técnica

Duration: This activity requires a total of 8 hours. In principle, it will consist of two four-hour sessions, although this decision can change depending on the school’s requirements.
Time and place: This activity is intended for the months of May, June and September at our centres in Portlligat and Cala Montgó, since these two beaches are shallow and protected from the wind. Nevertheless, we can arrange for them to be held in other months and/or at the company’s other centres (Tamariu and Platja Castell). Call us and check out the possibility.
Cost: as of €56/per pupil (minimum 20 pupils).
The price may vary depending on the number of pupils in the group. Ask us for an estimate with no strings attached.
Intended educational levels:

  • 10-12 years (primary)
  • Secondary
  • Higher secondary education
Practical information
What the activity includes
  • Technical material (kayak, paddle and jacket)
  • Sea Kayak Guide/Expert
  • Safety boat
  • Insurance
What you need to bring
  • Bathing costume or trousers that can get wet.
  • Sun screen cream and cap
  • Thermal or Lycra t-shirt that can get wet.
  • Sunglasses with a strap to prevent them from getting lost.
  • Footwear that can get wet (pumps, sandals or old trainers…).
  • Water to keep you hydrated.
  • Change of clothes and a towel for after the activity.
Conditions and requirement
  • You must know how to swim.
  • The use of life-jackets (provided by Kayaking Costa Brava) is compulsory.
  • You will need to bring all the necessary personal equipment required by Kayaking Costa Brava.
  • Follow the instructions of the experts/instructors at all times, both during the actual activity and in the use of technical material.
  • Inform Kayaking Costa Brava in advance if you have any disability, dysfunction or condition and/or any type of allergy or condition that should be taken into account for doing the activity.
  • Advance booking necessary. To confirm bookings, schools should make the corresponding down payment, and final payment will be made after the activity depending on the total number of pupils.
  • The schools pay for the cost of travel to the beach.

You are advised not to bring valuable belongings to beaches (both for the rental service and for guided excursions). Kayaking Costa Brava does not have a suitable structure for the safekeeping of personal belongings and therefore cannot be held responsible for any possible loss or damage of personal material left for safekeeping.

Hiring of the activity and cancellation policy

Rates/prices are per person (except the customised rates for groups) and include VAT. This includes the necessary technical and safety equipment: kayak, jacket, paddle and helmet (the latter if the excursion so requires), two qualified guides and a safety vessel. Any other services (accommodation, transport…) are the client’s responsibility, although they can sometimes be arranged by Kayaking Costa Brava.

  1. Our activities are subject to weather conditions and to sea conditions. This means that Kayaking Costa Brava may have to change or cancel the activity, even during it; in this case, the client will be entitled to a postponement of the activity or to a full refund.
  2. If the client cancels or changes, the following penalty criteria will be applied:
    • 25% of the total amount of the booking for cancellations 10 days before the activity.
    • 50% of the total amount of the booking for cancellations 4 to 9 days before the activity.
    • 100% of the total amount of the booking for cancellations 3 days or less before the activity.
  3. Our services include Public Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance. Public Liability Insurance Policy No. 1200050146, and Accident Insurance Policy No. 1300000361, taken out with the Berkley insurance company. The Accident Insurance Policy does not cover people above the age of 65 years. The full information about the insurance conditions and coverage is available and will be sent to any customer on request.
  4. Contractually, Kayaking Costa Brava is only responsible for the work performed directly by its employees and for the organisation of the activity.
  5. On confirming the booking, the customer expressly accepts all these General Conditions. If someone makes a booking for someone else, they accept each and every one of these Conditions on this person’s behalf.

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