If you would like to learn how to kayak and successfully take-on various sea conditions, then Kayaking Costa Brava can teach you all you need to know.

These courses can be for groups or on an individual basis, however with small groups or solo students, progress is quicker.

Beginner Courses

The beginner course involves two four-hour sessions and covers the following themes:

  • Differences and comparisons between different types of kayaks and the equipment used today.
  • Nomenclature and use of the main parts.
  • Rowing; optimizing movement, getting into the kayak correctly and the proper use and adjustment of the footrest.
  • Launches and arrivals - technique for beaches and rocky areas.
  • Turning, stopping, adjusting your course, circular ans reverse paddle strokes.
  • Moving the kayak sideways.
  • Basic rescue and self-rescue techniques: getting back in after turning over, eskimo rolls, emptying water out and using the 'paddle float'.
  • Support technique with your paddle, compensating from the waist, leaning to the side and turning while leaning.

Advanced Courses

The advanced course is based mainly on learning the Eskimo roll technique (the technique for re-righting your kayak alone if it turns over and without you falling out). It is difficult to say how long you need to learn this skill as it depends mainly on how well you want to roll- technique depends on waist flexion and upper body coordination. For most people a two session course of three hours each is sufficient. In additions to the techniques and exercises outlined above, the advanced course allows you to learn theoretical and practical skills which most people need or wnat to learn, such as navitating using a compass, reading nautical charts and other documents, surfing in waves, towing and kayaking in extreme conditions.

Price per person per hour

1 person 38 Euros/hour/person
2 people 25 Euros/hour/person
3 people 21 Euros/hour/person
4 people 18 Euros/hour/person
5-8 people 15 Euros/hour/person

15% discount if you use your own equipment

Taxes inclouded

On completing these courses you will  be awarded the Paddelsport Start Award certificate of the British Canoe Union (BCU).

The BCU (British Canoe Union) Course

The BCU is the most important organisation with respect to the regulation of international canoe qualifications. At Kayaking Costa Brava we hold courses and exams and award the following official certificates.

The prices of the assessment and training courses are:

1 Star Training and Assessment 1 day
120 Euros / person
3 Star Training and Assessment 3 days
340 Euros / person
3 Star Assessment (exam only) 1 day
120 Euros / person

Note: BCU regulations permit a maximum of 6 students per instructor. BCU fees must be added for certificate processing fees (£ 20).