COVID-19 MEASURES: Acting upon the healthcare recommendations, we have temporarily cancelled some of our services, made some changes and implemented specific procedures with regard to others in order to offer the utmost safety. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but they are for the sake of everyone. Find out more about the measures here

Kayak rental


In summer, there is a daily kayak rental service available on the beaches of Portlligat, Cala Montgó, Tamariu and Platja Castell.


This service does not require advance booking, although it is recommendable* in the following cases:

  • high season (July/August)
  • weekends (all season)
  • for large parties
  • rental for several days
  • gift vouchers (such as Smartbox, la Vida es Bella, Dakota box, Wonderbox, Vip Box..)
  • Particularly at the beach of Tamariu

Kayaking Costa Brava cannot guarantee the availability of kayaks on the beach without reservation.

Types of Kayaks

SIT-ON-TOP (OPEN) KAYAKS: Suitable for all people. These kayaks are stable and easy to handle, requiring no experience or help from a monitor.

  • DOUBLE-SEATER (for two adults and one small child with a maximum height of 0.80 m)
  • FAMILY (for two adults and two small children with a maximum height of 1 m)

TOURING KAYAKS (THE CLASSIC CLOSED TYPE): The rental of this type of kayaks requires experience and the signature of a document of release of responsibility.

What rental includes

SIT-ON-TOP KAYAKS: kayak, paddle, jacket and coast guide, as well as the expert advice of our personnel to make sure you don’t miss any of the Costa Brava’s beauty spots. Rentals of four hours or more also include a watertight bag.

TOURING KAYAKS: kayak, paddle, jacket, cockpit cover, map of the coast and one watertight bag per kayak. It may also include, with reservation, safety material (pump, paddle float, spare paddle and tow head).

Rental prices

All rates include VAT

Places for sit-on-top kayaks – Platja Castell, Tamariu, Cala Montgó and Portlligat

Individual *Doble *Familly
1 hour 12 € 18 € 25 €
pack 3/4h 31 € 50 € 70 €
pack 1 day 45 € 75 € 105 €

*Double kayak: for two adults and one small child with a maximum height of 0.80 m.

Rental prices Crossing* – Castell, Tamariu, Montgó and Portlligat

Individual Double
1 hour 14 € 20 €
pack 4h 35 € 53 €
1 day 48 € 78 €
2-3 days 40 € / day 65 € / day
4-5 days
35 € / day 54 € / day
+ de 5 days
28 € / day 45 € / day

*experience is indispensable for the rental of these kayaks

Accessory rental prices

1 day 3-5 days + de 5 days
Neoprene* 7 € 4 € 4 €
Waterproof jacket* 4 € 3 € 2 €
Watertight bag 2 € 2 € 2 €
Universal carrier* 10 € 8 € 7 €

*This material must be booked in advance. Material not available at the beaches.

Rental period

From June to the end of September. Open daily from 10 am to 7 pm.
Contact at beaches

  • 638 952 529. CASTELL
  • 669 160 395. TAMARIU
  • 620 477 558. MONTGÓ
  • 646 901 588. PORTLLIGAT


  • At the beginning and end of the season you are advised to call the office (972 773 806) to check our timetables.
  • Our rental service may be affected by changing weather or sea conditions. For this reason, Kayaking Costa Brava may be obliged to cancel bookings and to close the rental centre. In such eventualities, customers with a booking will be warned in advance and an information sign will be placed at the centre.

Off-season, the kayak rental service is limited to touring kayaks. To rent kayaks this period you must phone the office first. Kayaks are issued at our store in Torroella de Fluvià (Girona).

Material recommended
  • Bathing costume.
  • T-shirt.
  • Cap, sunscreen cream and sunglasses with a fastening system.
  • Water to keep you hydrated.
  • Footwear suitable for water activities (that will not slip off).
Rental service conditions and requirements
  • Knowing how to swim.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a responsible person.
  • Observe usage and safety regulations, following the instructions of the rental personnel, particularly with regard to the permanent use of the life-jacket, the right number of seats in each type of kayak and information about weather or sea conditions.
  • Please inform the centre if you have any disability or important health condition.
  • Rented material must be withdrawn and returned at the time agreed to.
  • Failure to turn up at the centre at the time agreed to may lead to loss of the reservation.

KAYAKING COSTA BRAVA cannot be held responsible for the possible consequences of non-fulfilment of these conditions by the customer. Our services include Public Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance. Public Liability Insurance Policy No. 1200050146, and Accident Insurance Policy No. 1300000361, taken out with the Berkley insurance company. The Accident Insurance Policy does not cover people above the age of 65 years. The rented material service (without guide) does not include Assistance insurance coverage. The full information about the insurance conditions and coverage is available and will be sent to any customer on request. You are advised not to bring valuable belongings to beaches (both for the rental service and for guided excursions). Kayaking Costa Brava does not have a suitable structure for the safekeeping of personal belongings and therefore cannot be held responsible for any possible loss or damage of personal material left for safekeeping.

Material specifications
  Individual sit-on-top kayak Double sit-on-top kayak Family sit-on-top kayak
Brand Mainstream Feelfree Rotomod
Model Pescador 12
Ocean Quatro
Length 373 cm.
378 cm.
412 cm.
Width 76,2 cm. 83 cm. 88 cm.
Weight 27 Kg. 31 Kg. 34 Kg.
Accessories Full seat Backrest Backrest




Based on the healthcare recommendations, we have made some changes and implemented specific procedures in order to guarantee the utmost safety of our services. Measures taken in the rental service:


  • All equipment is disinfected after each use using the highly-efficient and 100%-biodegradable “OX-Virin” biocide cleaner.
  • A mask should be worn at our bases at all time during hiring, distribution of material, explanations and payment. A mask should also be worn during transfer services in vans.
  • You are advised to book the rental service in advance to avoid crowding.
  • Rental service waiting times may be affected due to the disinfection cycles between services.
  • You are advised to bring the minimum amount of material possible to the beach. It will be disinfected before it is stored in our facilities.

Castell (Palamós)

Tel.: 638.952.529  

Tamariu (Palafrugell)

Tel.: 669.160.395  

Montgó (L'Escala)

Tel.: 620.477.558  

Portlligat (Cadaqués)

Tel.: 646.901.588